Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Who remembers the time we made "Bears in Bags"?
Robyn came to Dongara from Bundaberg for a few years and she brought great energy and enthusiasm to our club. She and Roslyn organised us into a project which created so much laughter and good cheer it would be hard to forget.

We all made a bear and then put our beloved new baby into a bag and sent him/her off into the wilds of Dongara alone to be dressed and adorned by three complete strangers. (Not really strangers of course, we were all club members, but it felt that way as our precious little bundles went off.)
First the undies, shoes and socks, then the outer garments and finally the accessories. I thought my little bloke, made of muted tapestry, would have looked great in dungarees and a plaid shirt.

Weren't we all surprised at the picnic to see our bears in there true guise.
Mine turned up in a gorgeous wine coloured velvet dress with lace bonnet and bag, broderie anglais undies with rosebuds embroidered. I quickly changed her name to Olivia and hoped no one remembered her past as a tomboy.

I still have Olivia sitting in my bedroom. She is a favourite with all my grandies and is being very much loved by little hands.

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