Saturday, September 25, 2010

Only two weeks to go!

First a little apology to Muriel for not remembering that she is the owner of this sweet "Fairy Quilt". Thanks Muriel for reminding me and well done for sewing up such a beauty.

Quilters all over town are busy finishing off their work in readiness for our big "Public Hanging" in just 2 weeks time. Stacks and piles are getting bigger every day!
While the name of our show sounds just a tad gruesome, the hundreds of fresh new quilts on display will be far from macabre.
The best of the quilts produced by The Patch over the past three years will be adorning the verandahs and gardens of the historic Priory Hotel and if previous "Public Hangings" are anything to go by, the atmosphere will be amazing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warning: Picture heavy post

There was a big turn out at the Patch on Thursday night.
It was our last meeting before the collecting of quilts together for our "Public Hanging"
Everyone has been working hard to finish items for display and sale.

Show & tell was spectacular.
I'm sorry some of the pics are a bit blurry, some are crooked and most of them were quickly snapped  without taking time to pose for the camera. 

This beautiful masterpiece is Helen's.

Mary (aka Maria) did the next 3 quilts and 4 table runners. She's been a busy girl and such lovely work it is too. Go to her blog to see more of the gorgeous Bargello

This gorgeous one is Teena's. It looks a bit Christmassy.
Ros's  Round Robin, newly back from the long arm quilter. Well done Ros.

I'm not even sure who owns this pretty fairy quilt. If you do, contact me and I'll put their name here.
The next fun one was made by Muriel.

Zoom in on this one to see the panels.
Anita is going to have her first quilt ready for the show. Isn't she clever.
Barb U. has done this tablecloth, the colours are lovely Barb
Ursula has been knitting wool socks while the rest of us chatted.
Barb M. has been perfecting her quilting on this cheery rainbow runner.
Here's a close up of the reverse.

Barb also did this bright stunner using high loft wadding, it looks so cosy .

Loris' bright panels are  cheeryand her "Whole Cloth" quilt is magnificent.
Donna made this sweet little bag and it's not my fault it's blurry, she wouldn't hold it still.
This "Breaking the Drought" is Donna's too. Wonderful.