Thursday, March 17, 2011

Driving Lessons

 Are you ready girls?
Start your engines.

teaches quilting.
First we must start with "L" plates, slowly and carefully at every stage.
Then it's "P" plates and plenty of practice, practice, practice.
Finally we pass our "Open Licence" and it all becomes automatic.
The hands, feet and eyes can work together. 

We all had a wonderful day and learnt so much.
Thanks Pauline.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I thought we had it made... having a patchworker in our club at 88 years old!!
But this one takes the cake, and I hope I'm still sewing at that age!
Click on this link to read about A 92 year old who quilts daily.

Dongara Patchwork Club Updates

Great meeting on Thursday night (10/3). Lots of discussion about upcoming workshops, retreats and how busy we will all be in the first half of this year!
This month we have Pauline Rogers "the Gadget Queen" from Quilter's World on the 16th, and on the 26th the "Singing Quilter" will be visiting Dongara and then we are all looking forward to the Priory Retreat with the Geraldton Patchwork Club on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

A lovely cake too, for the people having birthdays, in particular Isabelle who was 88 on 4/3!!
Terrific to see her so active in the club.

Members have finished the 'rainbow quilts' the club has put together for the Women's Refuge. We ended up having enough blocks for two quilts and they are a fantastic example of the differences we have in the club members.

Some gorgeous 'show and tell' quilts also, they are featured below.

And some from visitors/new club members??

Until next month