Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coffee & Cake

Any one for coffee and cake? This is my favourite sort of baking...no calories!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't you love Christmas in July?

This is the scene before us as we arrived for our meeting last night.

The tables had been set with all sorts of delightful decorations, themed to colour, a tree stood in the corner and supper of a beautiful Christmas cake and some of the most delicious shortbread you could ever eat was laid out in the kitchen for later..
Helen had volunteered to do the preparations and she certainly did herself & us proud. The scene as we arrived was like a fairyland of lights twinkling and sparkling against the dark wintery sky. I heard that she had corralled her lovely son Shaun to help with the heavy work and along with Sue N, Yvonne and Loris, this team of clever people produced an amazing display. We are lucky to have so many creative and sharing people in our club.
We were all asked to bring along our Christmas "Chantelle" and a few were actually organised enough to have some. Some good ideas for future projects there!
Thanks Helen and team for putting this on for us, we all appreciate your magnificent effort.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ugly Quilt Contest

Voting is over for the Ugly Quilt Contest. I think I came second (which may or may not be a good thing).
Thanks to those who voted for me, I really appreciated the support from my friends and it is nice to know I've probably won a prize as I'm not lucky with raffles.
See you on Thursday night with my Row x Row blocks all done and ready to swap.
Sue xx

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a little reminder

We are now smack bang in the middle of the school holidays and before we know it, August will be here and the club members will be looking for the next newsletter. So if anyone is able to write about some of the things they have done since May, I'd be delighted.
I'd especially welcome a little report on the friendship day with the Geraldton club ladies. Deadline is July 31st and you can email me or drop it into me at work .
Otherwise it will be a lean old newsletter with lots of white space or worse still, pages of my incessant babble. Now that's something to avoid.
Thanks for helping out with this....cheers from Sue

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friendship Day

On Saturday our club invited the members of Geraldton Patchwork Club along for lunch. They came by the busload and we had such a lovely time of eating, chat and laughter. Everyone enjoyed their lunch and then we had a huge "Chantelle" (show & tell). What a lot of inspiration for future projects.

Donna & JJ, don't they look gorgeous with their cheery smiles ?

Geraldton club brought along their raffle quilts to "Chantelle" too. This beautiful quilt is pieced although quite a few of us were sure it was an applique design.

What a wonderful prize to win.

This is to be second prize. Another beautiful quilt. Whoever wins one of these is very lucky indeed.