Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some people are always busy

Here's some eye candy. This month we had lots of show and tell at the Patch. Some quilts of course, a clever little folding work satchel that Barb made and Veronica's knitted bag and necklace to ohh and ahh over.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Helen's high tea

After a great deal of planning and attending to details, Helen's idea came to fruition yesterday. She set her mind to hostessing a High Tea at the Patch. The teams were organized into whipping up metres and metres of bunting, searching their china cabinets at home and those of mums and grannies too to find the prettiest cups and saucers. Baking, baking and more baking of tiny delicate cup cakes, pastries and cucumber sandwiches. Our friends from Geraldton Patch were invited and they arrived as a bus load. The Dongara Art Group, known as the DAGs were also invited as we were hoping to use their space at the old Monastery House and they had offered to put on a wonderful display of their artwork. Helen had also invited the CEO of our shire Darren and his lovely wife Jayne to join us.
Many hands make light work and we soon had the old house looking presentable, the sun was shining, food was arranged, teapots were brewing and there was plenty of laughter and fellowship.
A wonderful day it all was and a special thank you goes to Helen for dreaming this up and making it all happen.
Delish home made biscuits
All the work happening in the kitchen
The tables look ready and if the wind stops blowing over the
flower arrangements the cloths will eventually dry out.
Enough cup cakes to fill up all tummies present!
Oh dear! The kitchen needed a fair bit of work to straighten up afterwards.
Friendship and food....a great combination.
Milk or lemon, my dear?