Monday, August 31, 2009

Our "Round Robin" projects travel far

I love this photo of my "Round Robin" quilt top on Eileen's gorgeous wingback chair.
A few years ago about 11 members of our club made these quilt tops, each secretly adding a border to every quilt in the circle.
I chose a Christmas theme for mine and was thrilled at the final presentation to see all the lovely Seasonal fabrics and cheery colours the girls had used in it.
Well of course I put it away planning to quilt it in time for Christmas....didn't happen.
Then I won a PIF gift from Eileen at Robin Hill Quilts  and she offered to quilt a top for me. I was blown away by such a generous offer. So into a postbag and off to USA where Eileen photographed and posted it's arrival on her blog. It looks so at home on her lovely red and white plaid chair. I'm so excited about this, Eileen is a magnificent quilter. How lucky am I?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Patch Day Out

The road to Keith's farm.

The farmhouse sits in lovely gardens.

As usual there was plenty to eat but a few flies (it is the country, after all)

so the wrappings stayed on for the photo.

Now here's a happy group.

Some days are just perfect aren't they?

Today we went to Keith's farm to share lunch, chat and indulge in a little hand sewing. The weather was divine and Keith's garden, a delight. How can he maintain such a beautiful garden AND look after his farm. Green thumbs for sure.

While we strolled around the lawns, took in the magnificent views across to the ocean and soaked up the sunshine, Beth's husband, John went off to help Keith with the sheep work. That's a change for a man of the sea like John.

When we gathered on the wide verandah for lunch, recipes were exchanged and quilting projects admired. It was lovely to meet Keith's Mum and her friend Anne who had driven up from Perth to share the day.

Thanks so much Keith for inviting us to your beautiful property and special thanks to Ros who did all the planning.

A truly fabulous day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Saturday

"Sunrise in Dongara"

Are you planning to come along to the Club Friendship Day on Saturday 29th August?
We have been invited to Keith T's farm to enjoy a quilty day of chatting and eating.

If you need directions on how to get there, send me an email ASAP. This property is gorgeous and if the weather is kind to us we can be guaranteed a fabulous day. Dont forget to bring some hand sewing and a plate to share for lunch and afternoon tea.

Arrive at 11am to be sure not to miss any of the fun.
Hope you can make it.