Saturday, September 25, 2010

Only two weeks to go!

First a little apology to Muriel for not remembering that she is the owner of this sweet "Fairy Quilt". Thanks Muriel for reminding me and well done for sewing up such a beauty.

Quilters all over town are busy finishing off their work in readiness for our big "Public Hanging" in just 2 weeks time. Stacks and piles are getting bigger every day!
While the name of our show sounds just a tad gruesome, the hundreds of fresh new quilts on display will be far from macabre.
The best of the quilts produced by The Patch over the past three years will be adorning the verandahs and gardens of the historic Priory Hotel and if previous "Public Hangings" are anything to go by, the atmosphere will be amazing.


Maria said...

I am sure it will be better than ever going by all the busy ladies.
Nice friesh looking blog Sue.

Unknown said...

What a lovely blog, quilts and more quilts. Charmaine