Thursday, August 29, 2013


These cheery people, Sandi and Joy, came to the Patch to run a class for us last weekend.

We learnt to make Sandi's version of "Microscope View".

This involved all sorts of tricky sewing but Sandi encouraged us through it all and Joy cheered us along. First we had to select our fabrics and enlarge the pattern on a printer. Then we positioned the "crosshairs" and "lens". This was quite tricky, involving careful cutting and stitching by us all.
Finally we all had our structure done and the fun could begin. Applique, beading, embroidery, so many ways to create our microscoped view. I don't think anyone finished that day, there was too much talking, laughing and eating but we took home our brand new UFOs to finish off soon.

Thanks for the delicious soup for lunch Beatrice and for organising such a great workshop. Thankyou also to Sandi and Joy for the lesson and laughter and to all the students who made such great little quilts..........or they will be quilts soon!

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