Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a great weekend we had, with Jo and her kaleidoscope workshop!
Many comments at first, about this being "the only one I will ever do!!" 
but by lunchtime it was flowing and the patterns were obvious.
1. Sadie's Fabric

3. and gives a different perspective! 

2. makes great patterns

4. Mary's flowers
   5. with added dimensions!

6. Gloria's flowers
7. make wreaths.

9. look so different.

8. Jan's bird panels

10. Pat's butterflies
11. cluster around petite flowers.

12. Maree and Barb couldn't go past the colours 


Beatrice tried a smaller project

and Teena 

and Loris, showed just how different their triangles can be!

Let's hope we get them finished and ....

they look as good as this one of Jo's!


Maria said...

All the blocks look so different from the originl fabrics.
I wonder how many will become quilts.......
My are already tucked away in a box.

Tarnyia said...

Oh my gawd they are all fantastic... love all the fabrics and how much they changed and came back together so differently... I am looking forward to seeing some quilts or runner xxx

Sue said...

Lovely job girls....I'm looking forward to seeing them finished.