Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All is not lost!

This is a sad tale but it does have a happy ending. So long ago now we had a "Paper Bag" swap with Club Quilt and everyone posted fabrics and trims along with some sweets to our appointed partner.

Mary P from The Patch worked very hard sewing the fabric Deb from Club Quilt had sent. She stitched and shaped and worried about the gift she was making for Deb until the deadline had passed and she was now quite late with the sending. Life had got in the way for Mary and this made her even later!

A bright little table runner had duly arrived from Deb at Mary's home but still Deb was waiting patiently on the other side of this wide brown land for her gift.

As soon as Mary had her parcel ready she popped into the post office to send it off. It was a fairly big parcel too, filled with extras to apologise for the lateness of the delivery.

The stars were not aligned that day and the package never arrived at Deb's address, we all waited and hoped, emails were sent between Deb & Mary, myself and Peg (the swap mothers), visits and phone calls were made to post offices across the country but NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA! The parcel had vanished as sometimes they do into the very bowels of the post office.

Mary was distraught, of course,  Deb's choice of fabric was missing along with the parcel. What to do?

Make another gift and quickly, choosing a replacement fabric that she hopes Deb will also like and send it with prayers!

Success at last, yesterday we heard that this gorgeous hexie bag is now safely in Deb's possession.
Enjoy it Deb and who knows....just maybe the missing parcel will turn up one day too!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Mary what a lovely job you have done with the bag for Deb...I know Deb will be so very thrilled with it...I am so very sorry that your parcel was was very generous and so very kind of you to turn around and make another gift....thankyou so much for that...Den Mum Peg...

Maria said...

What a beautiful hexie bag Mary. I am sure Deb will love it.

Zlaty said...

The bag is just gorgeous! Isn't that awful that the first package got lost!

Happy sewing!