Saturday, February 9, 2013

Special quilts

Today was a big day for the Patch, it was the day we were presenting some very special quilts to three gorgeous kids.
In 2011 a terrible car accident took the life of a young husband and father from our town. His wife Tania was left with a 10 week old daughter and two little boys aged just 3 and 5.
Tania asked us late last year if we could make her a quilt from Keith's clothes. Something she and the children could snuggle under and remember their Daddy.
Tonight we felt so priviledged to present them with three quilts made from the jeans and teeshirts their beloved Dad wore.
All three loved the quilts and the boys remembered their Dad wearing some of the shirts, it was very humbling listening to them talk about their dad playing Lego with them when he wore that shirt.
Tania will also have a quilt soon but for today she received a bag made from a pair of
Keith's jeans.
Thanks Helen for putting in the extra effort to make this beautiful bag.
Pat did a wonderfull job on Clay's new quilt. He found the coin stitched into the pocket quickly when Pat told him she'd discovered in there while she was cutting up a pair of jeans.
Mary made this gorgeous quilt for little Amali. She won't remember her Daddy but she will always feel warm under this snuggly quilt as she hears stories about him.
And she had to have a closer look.
Helen put a smile on Zaine's face with his quilt. This little chap is just a bit cheeky and you can see the delight in his face as he posed for photos.

We all enjoyed seeing the children with their memory quilts and felt good knowing that they will always have something to help them remember their Daddy. The girls who sewed the quilts did a fabulous job from cutting up the clothes, designing the quilts, adding horse embroideries to emphasise Keith's polocrosse activities and endless snipping to get the perfect shagginess to the blocks. A job well done girls, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ladies that is such a wonderful idea and what lovely quilts have come from your generosity :)
Love the families beautiful big smiles too.
They will always have their husband and dad close :)

SuperMomNoCape said...

What wonderful treasures you have created for this family!