Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have a new box at the Patch now.

Big enough to put all our quilt stands in and some things we only need for special days.
Extra chairs and over talkative members will fit in too.

We think it might look especially nice with a barn quilt painted on the side.

Now there will be much more room in the club house..... for our new quilting machine.

Some of us are making a mystery quilt and here's a couple finished already.
No more mystery now!

Pat showed us her Crazy Patch quilt, all made of left over fabrics from clothes. Lots of fleecies and knits in here, pieced with zig-zag stitch. A real use of scraps and gorgeous to look at too.

Jean had a flimsie to show us, she's making this up for Camp Quality. Well done Jean and the hand dyed fabric you did sets a great "Beachy" colour scheme.


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing group and so organised.
Happy stitching

Maria said...

And now to get everything moved into the Big Cream Box. It does need colour!!!
Will be interseting to see all the Mystery Quilts together.
Love Jeanies Quilt for Camp Quaility.

Cheryll said...

Wish I had your shed at my place... just think of the stash I could store in ThAt!
Cheers :)