Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our visit by the WA Embroiderer's Guild

Last week we were lucky enough to see a travelling exhibition of beautiful embroidery.
Sue and Glen, talented members of The WA Embroiderer's Guild
have been visiting various towns throughout the state to share this beautiful work.
Our little space was packed  as so many people came to see the display and it was lovely to see dozens of new faces too.
Here is our Pres. Loris chatting to Sue from WA Embroiderers

Some samples of the work on display.

Glen was demonstrating her technique with machine embroidery.

There were lots of happy smiles just like this as the girls enjoyed the gorgeous needlework, delicious eats and good company.

Everyone is buzzing with excitement as the "THE SWAP" with Club Quilt Narromine is underway. Parcels have been sent across the country with much discussion about the contents. Now many of the return parcels have arrived and it's time to start work making something for our new friends.
I hope we can all remember to take some pics of the finished items before the parcels go back again.

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lots of lovely goodies there Sue...and everyone is pretty excited here as well.....lots of challenges...